Edinburgh One day

Edinburgh Softball Leagues 1st one day tournament kicked of at Warriston playing fields on the 9th July with 8 teams entered.

Our plan was to recreate the league handicap cup but in a one day format – playing a handicap system with teams getting a seeding and run/s start against the higher seeded team, we also played a timed game format starting with a 1 ball 1 strike count on the batter and setting a run limit max of 5 runs per inning which was to keep the scores close.

Teams entered for the Day were :

Teams Run Start
Souls 0
Storks 1
Haar Hitter 2
Demons 4
Bolts 4
Nuts / Tartan Sox 5
Capitals 5
Vandals 9

Teams were split into two round robin brackets with Souls, Haar Hitters, Bolts and Capitals in Group A and Storks, Demons, Nuts and Vandals in Group B from league seedings

Results from Round Robin

Group A Group B
Capitals 15 Bolts 14 Vandals 17 Nut/Sox 16
Souls 12 Haar Hitters 9 Demons 28 Storks 9
Bolts 13 Haar Hitters 18 Storks 12 Nuts/Sox 8
Souls 21 Bolts 10 Vandals 18 Demons 17
Capitals 10 Haar Hitters 12 (Reverted) Vandals 11 Storks 19
Souls 24 Capitals 10 Demons 15 Nuts/Sox 13

We went straight to a 1st in Group A v 1st in Group B Final which saw the Souls win group A and a three-way tie for Group B with the Demons winning the group on Runs against from Vandals and Storks.

Souls 14 Demons 10 Final result

Email will shortly go out to team Captains asking for feedback from the day.

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