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The latest news from the Edinburgh Softball League

End of Season Awards

Hi all,

We are still unable to confirm a venue or date as we are awaiting team numbers for potential dates in Oct for the end of season awards night. If you have not already, please confirm availability to your and Captains please inform admin.

Many Thanks
Neil ESM Committee

Final Week of the Season… almost

As we enter week 15 of the season, we have almost all the final places confirmed. Both Souls and Bolts have had a run away season, while the 2nd,3rd and 4rth teams have fought it out.

Last week saw the Storks seal the 2nd place spot in the Premier league, while in what could be game of the week – Vultures v Unicorns – will decide 2nd place in Division 1.

Premier Winners – Souls
Runners up – Storks

Division 1 Winners – Bolts
Runners up – TBC (Unicorns or Vultures)

Rain delays still to be played on Tuesday 22nd Aug
Demons v Haar Hitters
Capitals v Unicorns

Thursday 3rd August games are off.

League games tonight (Thursday 3rd Aug) are off as the fields are waterlogged.
Games will be rescheduled to the week beginning 21st Aug.
Captains will be notified in the next few days of new schedule.

ESL Handicap Cup 1 Day 2023

ESL Handicap Cup 1 day event 2023
Pool1 Pool2
Demons 17 Dodgers 13 Haar Hitters 16 Leith Walks 10
Souls 23 Unicrons 8 Bolts 9 Nuts 9
Unicorns 10 Demons 6 Nuts 17 Leith Walks 15
Dodgers 13 Souls 8 Haar Hitters 16 Bolts 13
Souls 20 Demons 8 Bolts 8 Leith Walks 8
Dodgers 20 Unicorns 15 Haar Hitters 14 Nuts 15

RR tables
Pool1 W L D Pool2 W L D
Dodgers 2 1 0 Nuts 2 0 1
Souls 2 1 0 Haar Hitters 2 1 0
Unicorns 1 2 0 Bolts 0 1 2
Demons 1 2 0 Leith Walks 0 2 1

Semi Finals
Dodgers 18 Haar Hitters 5
Nuts 5 Souls 16

Dodgers 11 Souls 17

Indoor League ?

Looking for interest on indoor softball league – looking at new venue but need numbers before we can confirm day, time and cost Would be hoping to start in early March and run for possible 4-6 weeks depending on team numbers.

Please email league admin if your team would (can be league or composite) like to enter or if you would be looking for a team.

2022 Season comes to an end

So our 2022 Edinburgh Softball Season falls to a close and we hope you all had a fun this year. We would like to hear feedback from players as well as teams on the slightly changed format but I’m sure everyone enjoyed playing more games this year.

We would also like to thank the umpires this year who give up their time to help officiate games and keep the weekly fixtures running.

Our finals placings were –

Premier Winners = Souls
Runners Up = Dodgers

Division 1 Winners = Nuts
Runners up = Vultures

One Day Tournament

Winners = Souls
Runners up = Demons

Please add our End of season awards night to your calendar , this is open to you and your +1 family or friends, more the merrier – Friday 7th October, 7pm till 1am, Prince Philip Building at Surgeons Hall.

Hope to see you then
ESL Committee

Thursday 25th August – Last night of the Season games

Hi All,

We have had great interest in a season finale and the poll had a very close result. But as the Nuts are unable to play two games in a week, we are going for a mixed bounce game option on Thursday this week.

We would like to try and play two sets of games with a one day feel, timed games 6:30pm – 7:30pm and 7:30pm to 8:30pm if we have enough interest.

Ideally we will pick 4 sets of teams around 6:15 and have two games running at one time 6:30 – 7:30 and the winners play the winners and the losers play the losers at 7:30 – 8:30, we encourage this to be fun and social and hope we have plenty players to go around as the poll suggests we have 52 interested players. If numbers are low at 6:30pm we will just start and go from there.

See you all Thursday
ESL Committee

End of Season 2022 Awards night, Friday 7th October

We have booked the same venue as recent years for the Awards Night this year. The date is Friday 7th October, 7pm till 1am, Prince Philip Building at Surgeons Hall.

There will be a buffet, fully stocked bar (we have a minimum to spend but it’s never been an issue…), we can do a quiz again, corn hole and whatever other activities we can come up with. Obviously we will have awards to give out for both leagues and the important MVP prizes too.

Please let your team know and we’d obviously look to encourage as many people as possible to come along. We will ask for confirmation of numbers within the next few weeks so we can organise the buffet and room lay our etc.

If you have any comments or views on the night then please feel free to share them with the committee.



Edinburgh One day

Edinburgh Softball Leagues 1st one day tournament kicked of at Warriston playing fields on the 9th July with 8 teams entered.

Our plan was to recreate the league handicap cup but in a one day format – playing a handicap system with teams getting a seeding and run/s start against the higher seeded team, we also played a timed game format starting with a 1 ball 1 strike count on the batter and setting a run limit max of 5 runs per inning which was to keep the scores close.

Teams entered for the Day were :

Teams Run Start
Souls 0
Storks 1
Haar Hitter 2
Demons 4
Bolts 4
Nuts / Tartan Sox 5
Capitals 5
Vandals 9

Teams were split into two round robin brackets with Souls, Haar Hitters, Bolts and Capitals in Group A and Storks, Demons, Nuts and Vandals in Group B from league seedings

Results from Round Robin

Group A Group B
Capitals 15 Bolts 14 Vandals 17 Nut/Sox 16
Souls 12 Haar Hitters 9 Demons 28 Storks 9
Bolts 13 Haar Hitters 18 Storks 12 Nuts/Sox 8
Souls 21 Bolts 10 Vandals 18 Demons 17
Capitals 10 Haar Hitters 12 (Reverted) Vandals 11 Storks 19
Souls 24 Capitals 10 Demons 15 Nuts/Sox 13

We went straight to a 1st in Group A v 1st in Group B Final which saw the Souls win group A and a three-way tie for Group B with the Demons winning the group on Runs against from Vandals and Storks.

Souls 14 Demons 10 Final result

Email will shortly go out to team Captains asking for feedback from the day.