Blog Update

Last night’s action saw the Inglorious Batters come out on top in the big game at the bottom of the Premier Division 23-20 against the Doh’nuts. Could this result mean that Batters have done enough to preserve their Premier Division status?

In D1 the Haar Hitters came through 23-12 winners against the Vandals. They would need results to go their way but this does keep alive their slim title hopes.

Tonight has another couple of crackers as the Souls taking on the Dodgers at the top of the Premier with the Forgers going up against the Demons in D1.


Edinburgh v Glasgow M8 2019

This years M8 event has been confirmed for Saturday 17th August.

4 games will be played, Male and Female single sex games and D1 Co-ed v Glasgow  and Premier Co-ed v Glasgow games.

Team Captains are –

D1 Brian Gilhooly

Premier Neil Wardrope


BBQ and fun to be had!

Please join us in supporting ESL

Week 8

Week 8
Couple big games, Souls beating Rally Caps in a one sided 4 inning affair but what must be game of the week, Capitals coming back to score 10 runs in the top of the 7th and hold off Storks for a 17-14 win.
More Wins for Bolts and Harr Hitters but sadly more rain delays at the end of the week.
This week sees Premier start it’s 2nd half with Capitals v Dodgers and Storks v Rally Caps and both teams looking to reverse the 1st round results.
Game of the week in D1 could be Harr Hitters v Forgers , Forgers have been on and off the boil this season which team will turn up this week…

Week 7

Big week in Div1 last week with Vandals getting their first win on the board and does look like a battle has started in Div1 but is it for 1st or 2nd …Place as Harr Hitter took the win over the Nuts and Bolts keep winning

Premier saw a wash out for Souls v Storks and a forfeit from Demons to Rally Caps, Big week ahead as Souls play Rally Caps Monday and only one team will be top by the end of the week.

Week 6

Week 6 – Not much movement in the premier this week with Souls off and Rally Caps game washed out but good wins for Demons and Storks early in the week, So big game this week is Souls playing a Storks who are both in the mix.

Div 1 this week also affected by the wash out and saw the 1st chance of a win from either Vandals and Vulture washed away. Bolts and Nuts continue to dominate. Big games this week in D1 – Harr Hitter v Nuts tonight and Vandals could get on the board this week v Forgers…

Week 4 + 5

Week 4 – , Storks beating Dodgers and Capitals show off show strong defense in Prem, win in Div 1 for Bolts Nuts and Haar Hitters.

Week 5 –  Souls beat Dodgers and Demons get a big win, Div1 saw Bolts edge a win over Nuts and Haar Hitters win a slug-fest over Vandals…Bolts Nuts and Haar Hitters keeping it all close at the top of Div1

Week 3

Week 3 – Premier Same old… Wins for Rally Caps, Souls and Storks but think the big show down this season might be brewing in Div1 between the Bolts and Dohnuts… both now on 3 wins, just over a week before the 1st of three head to heads, can the Harr Hitters keep this week’s winning form and keep in pace ???

Next week sees what some may see as the 1st big match in Prem with Dodgers v Storks (Monday night LIVE at Warriston) and Can the Vultures put a dent in the Dohnuts roll…