Cup Week Start next week !!

Just a reminder that Cup week starts next week, games will be posted later today. All games will start at 7pm, Max runs per inning per team is 5 runs and coin toss win decide Home team.


Blog Update

Last night’s action saw the Inglorious Batters come out on top in the big game at the bottom of the Premier Division 23-20 against the Doh’nuts. Could this result mean that Batters have done enough to preserve their Premier Division status?

In D1 the Haar Hitters came through 23-12 winners against the Vandals. They would need results to go their way but this does keep alive their slim title hopes.

Tonight has another couple of crackers as the Souls taking on the Dodgers at the top of the Premier with the Forgers going up against the Demons in D1.


Edinburgh v Glasgow M8 2019

This years M8 event has been confirmed for Saturday 17th August.

4 games will be played, Male and Female single sex games and D1 Co-ed v Glasgow  and Premier Co-ed v Glasgow games.

Team Captains are –

D1 Brian Gilhooly

Premier Neil Wardrope


BBQ and fun to be had!

Please join us in supporting ESL

2018 Season Winner

2018 Results


Winners – Rally Caps

Runners-up – Dodgers


Winners – Demons

Runners-up – Bolts

Handicap Cup

Winners – Storks

Runners-up – Rally Caps




Premier Winner 2018 – Rally Caps
D1 Runners Up 2018 – Bolts
Premier Runners Up 2018 – Dodgers
ESL Handicap Cup Winners 2018 – Storks

Slowpitch Pitching

Pitching can be frustrating and tough to get the hang of, it’s also one of the most important parts of the game.

This short video is one of our favourites, which should give you some tips to help perfect your pitching arch!


The ball must be delivered with a perceptible arc of at least 1.83m (6 ft.) and not more than
3.65m (12 ft.), from the ground.

The ball must also pass through the strike zone. The strike zone is that space over any part of home plate that is between the batter’s back shoulder and his knees when he assumes his natural batting stance.

Back to Basics – Throwing

Even experienced players can often improve their throwing by stripping their technique right back to the basics.

Here as some great videos on throwing techniques which could come in handy at pre-season/early season training, or during warm-ups before games.

Blog update

The final league week of the season is here. Still some things to sort out and plenty of action.

Tonight the Doh’nuts take on the Souls in the Premier Division. A loss will see the Doh’nuts relegated. A win and it will be decided by brighter people than me. In D1 the Forgers take on the Haar Hitters with both teams looking for a win before the cup starts next week.