On Any Given Week Night…Weeks 3 & 4 Review

Weeks 3 and 4 are in the book with the Edinburgh Softball League continuing to throw up surprises and amaze with the level of competition on show.  Only 3 teams enter week 5 with unbeaten records which highlights once again the competitiveness of the league as a whole. No result can be taken for granted with any team capable of knocking off a rival. As the old saying goes ‘any team can win or lose on any given Sunday!' (This would be true if we played games on a Sunday but you get the point).

Premier Division

The top division has an old familiar look about it with the Rally Caps sitting atop the pile with a perfect 3 – 0 record. Week 3 saw them score a comfortable victory over the Doh’Nuts 31-2 and then follow this up with a 29-16 win over the Dodgers to remain perfect for the season. Playing catch up is the Rally Caps old foes the Souls with a 3-1 record. The defending champs suffered a tight 1 run loss to the Storks 18-17 but followed this up with a resounding 33-9 victory over the Inglorious Batters. This was the only game involving the Batters the past fortnight due to their bye week as they begin the season 0-3. After their win over the Souls, the Storks were hoping to cement a position at the top of the league against the Broken Batz. Entering the game at 1-2 due to a week 3 14-29 loss to the hands of the Dodgers, the Batz turned the tables on the previously unbeaten Storks to register a 26-21 victory.

Division 1

Two teams sit at the top of the Division 1 tree with the Capitals maintaining their strong start to the season by reaching 4-0 matched by this seasons surprise package the Haar Hitters. The Capitals came out on top against the Vandals 20-8 and bettered the Demons 11-8 in a tight defensive game. The Haar Hitters kept pace atop the division with a 17-9 victory against the Bolts and being on the right side of a 1 run game 11-10 against the Forgers. It is looking like the week 6 match up against these two teams could decide who enters the split on top. The fight for the top 4 and bottom 4 is also heating up with 5 of the other 6 teams being within 1 win of each other. The Forgers managed to get to 2-1 before the tight week 4 loss with a 28-10 win against the Laxidaisicals who are still looking for their first win of the season after a 24-4 defeat at the hands of the Vandals. This saw the Vandals join the Forgers at 2-2 with the Bolts making up the trio. The Bolts achieved this with another 1 run victory over the Vultures 17-16. Still in the hunt for a top 4 spot are the Demons and Vultures at 1-3. The Demons managed to get in the win column for the season with a week 3 26-19 win against the Vultures.

The next few weeks are shaping up to be extremely important with the Premier League teams fighting for positions which could ultimately determine if they are battling for the title or if they will be scraping it out in the relegation positions. Division 1 is becoming equally intriguing with all the teams still jockeying for positions that will determine their spots for the second half of the season.


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