League: D1 2016

D1 2016

The results of the 2016 Division 1. The Inglorious Batters won the division for the first time in the team’s history, and have moved up to the Premier league for 2017.


This is the story of the Bolts.

Following a game of rounders at a work bbq in 2011 where Brian completely dominated the opposition - children - he decided to give softball a try. He contacted the league and was put in touch with the Sporting Hangovers.

After a season and a half the hangovers they disbanded. Brian realised that many of the players from the Hangovers had been approached by other teams and as yet he has still to receive an offer.
With his two buddies Erik and Gemma they decided to put together the Bolts.

The first squad was made up simply of friends of the 3 founders and a couple of ex-hangovers. Even though nobody could throw, catch or knew the rules something special was brewing. At the first practice, Liam slid face first into home plate, losing his trousers and showing the new team his ass. The Bolts were born.

The Lowlight of that first season was an inning against the Vultures where the Bolts conceded about 50 runs. But don't be mistaken they were having a great time. Willie 'Beaver' Bauld joined and instantly steadied the ship and about halfway through the season, they got their first win....

The first two seasons were a mixture or drunkenness and crushing defeats. At the end of season 3, short a female player, they contacted the league and were put in touch with a Mother and Daughter combo who were looking for a team.....

Sadly the 'Mother' turned out to be a South African man called Ashley and his daughter had zero interest in playing. Even though they neither wanted or needed another guy they let Ashley stay.... Now about to start their 5th season, the acquisition of Ashley has been the best thing to happen to the Bolts since Willie joined.

Nowadays we are pretty well behaved. We still get on great but tend not to drink during the game. We're holding our own in the league, last season we won half our games. We try to train once a week during the season and are now striving to find the balance between being competitive and simply messing around.

We sometimes swear.

Colours: Blue, yellow, white
Age: most in 30's
Years active: 4
Training: Once a week, fairly chilled
Bonding: Normally go for a drink after the game, occasionally have lunch/drink after training on a Saturday