ESL Handicap Cup: how it works

The cup draw was randomly determined. It incorporates teams from both the Premier League and Division 1, teams are given handicap seedings based on last season's finishing order taking into account teams promoted or relegated. 

The difference between the seeding numbers indicates the number of runs that the lower seeded team will begin the game with, i.e. for the game Vultures (12) v Rally Caps (3) the Vultures will start the game with a 9 run lead.

Scoring for all teams is capped at 5 runs per inning, including the seventh inning. 


Cup Fixtures

ESL Cup Results

12 - 20
ESL Cup 2017

Demons v Rally Caps

21 - 15
ESL Cup 2017

Souls v Bolts

0 - 7
ESL Cup 2017

Broken Batz v Doh'nuts

28 - 29
ESL Cup 2017

Haar Hitters v Dalmeny Dodgers

15 - 13
ESL Cup 2017

Dalmeny Dodgers v Capitals