COVID-19 Guidelines for Play

Throughout the 2021 season, we will be monitoring the Scottish Government guidance and adapting the measures taken to ensure that the Edinburgh Softball League can continue in as safe a manner as possible.

The rules outlined below must be followed by all teams.

Edinburgh Softball League Covid Rules 

  • Team Captains are the Covid Officers for each team – responsible to log team sheets including all players and spectators for each game (name/phone number/emails). 
  • These must be promptly sent to ESL Admin ( after each game. 
  • Log of this will be kept on a spreadsheet by ESL Admin for track and trace for 3 weeks. 
  • If players or spectators are not willing to provide this information and be subject to our ESL track and trace, unfortunately, they will be unable to play or attend. 
  • Players should not attend if they have any symptoms or have been in direct contact with anyone who has tested positive or had symptoms within the last 10 days (following current Govt guidance for self-isolation – may be subject to change). 
  • In the 10 days following a game, if any player subsequently tests positive for Covid, they must inform their Covid Officer (Team Captain) and they must also inform ESL Admin immediately. The next stage of our protocol is for ESL Admin to immediately advise the Covid Officer (Team Captain) of the opposing team. All players in attendance on both teams must then follow the current Government guidelines for self-isolation.   
  • Numbers are restricted to 30 in our ‘field of play bubble’ including Umpires.  Teams should only bring a maximum of 14 players and/or spectators to each game.  (following current Govt guidance – may be subject to change) 
  • Under 12s do not count toward this maximum number. 
  • We play in a public location; therefore, we are not able to stop public use of the area.  If any one outside of the ‘field of play bubble’ approaches, this is at their own discretion and social distancing should be followed at all times. 
  • There are no changing facilities this season and masks should be worn if using the toilet facility. 


  • Wipes and Hand sanitiser will be provided by the league and will be in each kit bag for use during games. 
  • Balls and/or bats used to warm up should be wiped down and hand sanitiser used by players prior to the start of each game. 
  • Balls will be wiped down between each half inning by the Umpire. 
  • Bats to be wiped down after each inning by each team.   
  • If sharing bats, players should wear batting gloves if available.   
  • Hand sanitiser also used if sharing bats before/after use (once back in side-line area). 
  • Personal choice if players and/or Umpires wish to wear masks, but ESL will not enforce this as we are outdoors. 
  • Teams should maintain social distancing on the side-lines. 
  • No team cheers or handshakes after games until further notice. 
  • No other covid amendments for gameplay.  While everyone should be sensible, we are classed as a non-contact sport which has been deemed safe to play. 
  • There will be further links for Covid information located on the ESL website.  If anyone requires any further assistance, please contact ESL Admin.