2021 Season

Team sports are still currently limited with practice and training, but as we are a non contact sport, we may be able to proceed with the league for 2021. We are currently awaiting a decision from Edinburgh Leisure on the use of our playing fields.

We are looking at options below as possible measures to get the league going this season, None of these are final and with currently 3 months until the season starts, these will be subject to change.

1) Plate mats to help umpire call balls and strikes from a safe distance (lands on the mats it’s a strike). Umpire will still call height rule and outs at bases.

2) More balls and frequency of sanitation (ball switched and wiped each play)

3) Safety base at home (a 2nd home plate which the base runner will use as their home plate to cross). Fielding team still play to home and if the ball beats the runner, the runner is out. No home tag plays. There would also be a commitment line if the base runner passes they must continue home.

4) In the vicinity plays at 2nd and 3rd. This will allow the fielder to be off the base and receive the ball for outs. No tag plays and on force plays, the fielder will not require to be on the bag but in the vicinity (2m radius TBC). 5) Warmups and sharing of bats will not be permitted at this stage.

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