Day: August 5, 2019

ESL One Day

Hi All,

One day schedule should be out later today, will be an early start for most times 8:15am and we might need a little reshuffle of times to get a final in before the close the gates at 6pm.

Full round robin for 7 teams so 6 games each, with a possible 7th for final.


more to follow


Final League Week… well almost

This week was the fixtures final week but due to a couple rain delays both leagues still have a few remaining games to be played before the end of August.

Games this week saw Souls taking the title with a win over the Rally Caps in the Premier race and Bolts win another close game v Dohnuts in the Nuts & Bolts series…. both team are playing again this week in the Cup, another close one ?

Other games this week saw a good win for Demons v Dodgers keeping their chances of a top three finish alive and Harr Hitters seal the third place finish with a win over Vandals.

Cup Starts this week