Month: August 2019

Cup Update

Cup round up….
Last 16… well 3 teams got a bye and we only have 13 teams… so
Nut n Bolts series turned the other way and Nuts advanced
Souls passed the the Batters
Dodgers went the to bottom of 7th before taking the lead and the win
Vultures came out firing and left the Haar Hitters in the mist
Capitals stamped all over the Forgers, with a couple massive HRs
1/4 –
Only one games played in the 1/4s Souls took a close game from Storks
Rest of the teams advanced on a series of forfeits Rally Caps Demons and Capitals all forfeit allowing the Semi finals to be…
Souls v Dohnuts = Souls win 25-20
Dodgers v Vultures = Vultures Win 15-14
Both very close games going all the way proving what some may call “Crazy” handicaps maybe do work.
Final will be Wednesday 28th at Warriston, please come down and support – Start time will be 6:30pm

Cup Results

Tuesday results Souls win over Inglorious Batters 24-15 and will play Storks on Tuesday 13th

DohNuts beat Bolts 14-13 and will play winner of Capitals vs Forgers on Tuesday 13th


M8 Update

M8 Update

Our Edinburgh v Glasgow M8 event this year has been canceled as Glasgow have been unable to field two teams.

Cup 1st Round Results

Dodgers Win 18-17 over Vandals and will now play Rally Caps on Monday 12th

Vultures Win over 17-8 Haar Hitters and will now play Demons on Monday 12th

ESL One Day

Hi All,

One day schedule should be out later today, will be an early start for most times 8:15am and we might need a little reshuffle of times to get a final in before the close the gates at 6pm.

Full round robin for 7 teams so 6 games each, with a possible 7th for final.


more to follow


Final League Week… well almost

This week was the fixtures final week but due to a couple rain delays both leagues still have a few remaining games to be played before the end of August.

Games this week saw Souls taking the title with a win over the Rally Caps in the Premier race and Bolts win another close game v Dohnuts in the Nuts & Bolts series…. both team are playing again this week in the Cup, another close one ?

Other games this week saw a good win for Demons v Dodgers keeping their chances of a top three finish alive and Harr Hitters seal the third place finish with a win over Vandals.

Cup Starts this week