Month: May 2019

Week 4 + 5

Week 4 – , Storks beating Dodgers and Capitals show off show strong defense in Prem, win in Div 1 for Bolts Nuts and Haar Hitters.

Week 5 –  Souls beat Dodgers and Demons get a big win, Div1 saw Bolts edge a win over Nuts and Haar Hitters win a slug-fest over Vandals…Bolts Nuts and Haar Hitters keeping it all close at the top of Div1

Week 3

Week 3 – Premier Same old… Wins for Rally Caps, Souls and Storks but think the big show down this season might be brewing in Div1 between the Bolts and Dohnuts… both now on 3 wins, just over a week before the 1st of three head to heads, can the Harr Hitters keep this week’s winning form and keep in pace ???

Next week sees what some may see as the 1st big match in Prem with Dodgers v Storks (Monday night LIVE at Warriston) and Can the Vultures put a dent in the Dohnuts roll…

Week 2… Premier Week 1

Busy week this week with both divisions back playing… Nuts and Bolts looking like early contenders in Div1 and Rally Caps, Souls and Dodgers off to winning starts.


This week will see Demons get started in premier.